Congratulations on taking the first step in exploring possibilities for creating lasting change in your life.

Athena Dorey provides integrated counseling and psychotherapy in Portland, Oregon.

At times we may feel that what we long for is beyond reach.  We may become stuck in habitual patterns that lead to self-defeating thoughts, despair and hopelessness.

My role  is to encourage  resilience and  to share in a process  to help  you create  more flexible, adaptive patterns that lead to  more joyful living,  self-compassion,  resilience and well-being. Integrating the latest neuroscience, my approach is tailored to your needs and may include relational therapy, contemplative practice, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and integrated harm reduction therapy for addictive behaviors

If you feel depressed, anxious, distressed, or overwhelmed by life, your substance use or other behaviors are feeling out of control, I invite you to treat yourself with kindness and care and contact me for more information about my work.

Therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, loss and grief, life transitions, addictive behaviors, cultivating self care and self compassion