About Athena

Portland Therapy and Councilor Athena Dorey LCSW

When you need support during difficult times, help is within reach.

I am a licensed clinical social worker specializing in integrative mindfulness-based counseling and psychotherapy. I have over 15 years international experience working with people whose coping skills have been overwhelmed by difficult emotions, histories of trauma and neglect, addictive behaviors, chronic illness, or unexpected change in their lives.

My approach is relational, drawing on nearly 20 years of mindfulness contemplative practice to help you increase your skills in a variety of areas such as self-compassion, improved communication, reducing addictive behaviors, diminishing self-criticism, promoting self-acceptance,  and managing your emotions. I provide support and practical feedback to help you resolve current problems and long-standing habitual patterns. I integrate a blend of western and alternative approaches influenced by current research from neuroscience to provide what will be most helpful. With sensitivity, non-judgmental presence, kindness and compassion, I can help you to achieve your goals through the healing power of the therapeutic relationship. My role is to act as a guide along your journey with support and skills that will facilitate your ability to live a more genuine and meaningful life.

In addition to my work in private practice I have provided holistic, client-centered counseling and therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups in community mental health, substance use treatment, criminal justice settings and AIDS Service Organizations.

I understand the importance of having awareness of social and economic justice issues, and creating a safe, supportive and inclusive environment when working with people who may be discriminated against because of substance use and other addictive behaviors; gender identity; sexual orientation; race, ethnicity; economic status; incarceration; gender; mental health or physical ability.

I consider connection, positive regard, compassion, empathy, collaboration and accountability in the therapeutic relationship to be vital.

When you are lonely or in darkness I wish I could show you the astonishing light of your own being. – Hafiz